DPG+E Development


This next round of development will seek to expand upon the existing Patterns by presenting formal and spatial architectural patterns that illustrate effective daylighting design, electric lighting design integration, and other energy performance strategies (ie glazing alternatives, etc.). The fundamental relationships between energy performance, lighting design (fixture type, layout, control strategy and sequence) and multiple types and qualities of daylight illumination (evident in existing Daylighting Pattern Guide) will be revealed in an attractive and easy to comprehend visual narrative. We anticipate that these concepts will be illustrated using a variety of appropriate analysis methods, including instantaneous and annualized performance metrics. These metrics will be used to describe visual quality and daylight quantity, electric lighting system performance and energy consumption.

New Buildings Institute, in partnership with the University of Idaho and University of Washington, has taken preliminary steps to expand the Daylighting Pattern Guide (DPG) to include common “patterns” of integrated holistic lighting design and energy performance (DPG+E). This work will include climate-specific annual performance analysis for daylight (sufficiency and excessiveness) and zone energy (peak load and annual energy consumption for lighting, heating and cooling).